Euromax was founded in 2002, Since then we have always been committed to the research, development and manufacture of security system products. After nearly 10-year unremitting efforts, we made significant improvement in sales and witnessed a flying progress in market, thus reaching a harmonious win situation between customers, employees, Suppliers and ourselves.

Common Solutions

Comprehensive solution - Financial Industry.

System sectors, System map, System advantage, Video Face Detection, Object Security Care, Common People Counting, Abnormal Behavior Detection.

Safe Campus - Video Surveillance Solution.

Target, Solution, Structure, Topology, Deployment, Advantages, Smart Analytics.

Surveillance solution for Real Estate.

Targets, Monitoring Topology, Function Module, Cloud classroom, Mobile Classroom, Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent Analysis- Product Introduction.

Intelligent Analysis Revolution in New Application, Euromax Intelligent Analysis, History, Euromax Intelligent Analysis History, Intelligent analysis of overview, Intelligent Analysis-Anomaly Detection, Intelligent Analysis- Cross Line, Detection, Intelligent Analysis- Intrusion Detection, Intelligent Analysis-Items, Care, Intelligent Analysis-Intelligent Tracking, Intelligent Analysis-license plate recognition, Intelligent Analysis-Face Detection, Intelligent Analysis-People, Counting, Intelligent Analysis-Face Recognition,

What’s the Coaxial HD

HD video & control data transportation technology via coaxial cable.

Starlight Solution.

Starlight Products Overview, Starlight Image Feature, Starlight Function Feature, Starlight Technology, Starlight Technology, Starlight Core Algorithm, Starlight Products Application, Starlight Products Application.

PTZ family

Main Features, Image Performance-True view, Image performance-Low light, Image performance-Lab test for Resolution/low light, Image performance-WDR, Image performance-3DNR, Network performance-ultra low streaming, Network performance-Delay test, Intelligent Analysis-illegal parking and intelligent track, PTZ-Stable P/T running, Low working temp start-up, Coating design for dome bubble.

NVR Family

Euromax NVR Advantage, How to Reduce Bandwidth and Storage when, Update HD image, Support 8M Decoding+16ch POE, Support both H.265&H.264, 4K Display + double HDMI+ Dual Gigabit Network, Sequential Power on System, Protection, SMART-HDD Monitoring, Friendly Operation Interface, euromax NVR, Advantage analysis, NVR Category, Basic Parameter.

Common Application

Enterprise level video surveillance system framework:

Video surveillance subsystem

Video surveillance sub system is the most important part of the whole security system. It is responsible for video signal collecting, encoding, compressing, storing, network transmitting, decoding, controlling etc. This subsystem reflects the overall technical level of the security system. Euromax’s NVMS series enterprise level management platform can manage up to tens of thousands video points, support multi video modes such as analog, hybrid, HD IP and HD SDI etc...

Small - medium video surveillance system

This kind of system can adopt the mode of combining high definition and standard definition, i.e. set HD camera on important area, adopt ‘ HD network camera + NVR ‘ mode or ‘HD SDI camera + HD SDI DVR’ mode; set analog camera on unimportance area, adopt traditional ‘ analog camera + DVR’ mode.

Small-medium video surveillance system features video channels from hundreds to thousands, usually just one monitor center. Use Euromax NVMS-5000 central management platform to unify the management and application.

Big-medium video surveillance system

Big-medium video surveillance system should realize the connection, management and control for large scale of analog video streams and network streams. This kind of system can use NVMS5000 enterprise level management platform for unified management and control. NVMS5000 supports video encoding, compressing and storing, support decoding for standard & high definition network video output, support matrix storage, or DVR, NVR distributed storage. Big-medium system is complicated and having many points, so usually adopts ‘Central control + distributed control ‘. It should be of high quality, high stability and highly extendable.

Alarm subsystem

The alarm input devices such as alarm sensor, Infrared detector alarm button etc. transfer the alarm signal via DVR/NVR/IPC to the alarm server of the management platform. Then the alarm server triggers the alarm, such as triggers recording, triggers image pop up and triggers the alarm light.

Mobile terminal subsystem

With the rapid development of 3G wireless infrastructure worldwide, 3G smart ends are more and more popular. The demands for 3G wireless video surveillance application become huge. Euromax’s NVMS5000 allows the front ends connecting to it via 3G mode such as WCDMA, EVDO, and TD-SCDMA. Users can use smart client end to preview video, control PTZ, make snapshot at any where 3G is available. Now the NVMS 5000 platform supports these smart operation systems: iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry etc.

Internet Application

System introduction

As the space for storing goods or materials, warehouse is undoubtedly a necessary part for enterprises. It needs a wide coverage, completed, powerful monitoring system for enhancing the defense capability and reduces the risk for enterprises. As the space for storing goods or materials, warehouse is undoubtedly a necessary part for enterprises. It needs a wide coverage, completed, powerful monitoring system for enhancing the defense capability and reduces the risk for enterprises. With the technological innovation & progress, the broadband and 3G wireless networks developed rapidly nowadays. Coupled with video encoding and stream media technologies being mature, the video surveillance system can combine the fixed and mobile point monitoring. These provide the superb circumstances for setting the distributed central management video surveillance system. Meanwhile, the market needs become more and more for video surveillance system based on IP & 3G for enterprise, commerce and residential applications. These applications require a simple, low cost way for centralized management, receiving alarm signal and checking the real time video at anytime, anywhere. Euromax’s NVMS-5000 distributed net working management platform can fit the needs of various customers, such as industry clients, small-medium business clients, residential clients and individual end users. It is widely used for chain stores, enterprise warehouse, small-medium stores, kindergarten, schools etc.

Typical application

Chain stores are usually isolated, independent and not in the same city or area, so the administration for these stores is not easy at such a complicated circumstance. Euromax’s NVMS5000 is dedicated to offering the store administrator the best management system. NVMS-5000 features video monitoring, alarm triggering, dual communicating, remote configuring and user authenticating, Based on broadband and 3G wireless network, NVMS5000 can get the video points all together to realize the unified management, video monitoring and resource sharing.

Enterprise warehouse

As the space for storing goods or materials, warehouse is undoubtedly a necessary part for enterprises. It needs a wide coverage, completed, powerful monitoring system for enhancing the defense capability and reduce the risk for enterprises.

Small-medium stores, kindergarten online solution

The solution for small-medium stores is a network video application based on broad band. By deploying the video cameras on specific points, administrator can see the real time video via internet browser at anywhere. This solution can also be used for kindergarten. It allows the parents to live view the activities of their kids in kindergarten so to ease their worries.

Automotive Applications

System introduction

Euromax’s vehicle DVR & GPS positioning system adopts the advanced technologies of digital A/V encoding/decoding, video wireless network transmission, GPS satellite positioning, deploys the mobile end on the vehicle, uses big capacity hard disk to record the real time A/V data of the running vehicle as future evidence. This system combines wireless network transmission technology to transfer the on-site images plus position information to control center. It can realize GPS position information wireless transmitting.

System framework

1) Mobile A/V monitoring subsystem
Install cameras in the entrance of the vehicle and important place, capture the video signal in/outside of the vehicle and transfer to mobile DVR. Mobile DVR collects A/V data, compresses the data, stores the data into its Hard disk.

2) Information communication subsystem
Mobile DVR communicates with control center via 3G wireless network. It transmits A/V data and alarm signal, GPS positioning data and audio information to control center.

3) GPS satellite positioning subsystem
Mobile DVR collects GPS positioning information, transmits the info to control center through 3G network. The control center’s big screen displays vehicle information such as the position, speed, track, direction etc. It also supports mobile bidirectional audio communication.

4) Control center
Through 3G wireless network, the control center makes unified management to the host of mobile end. Control center has functions of vehicle at tempering, vehicle alarm handling, remote commanding etc.

System features

1) Provides mobile end online registration function, server and end keep real time connection with each other. Provides the distribution function for A/V data, Communication command and GPS positioning information.

2) View the video transmitted by vehicle, select the master stream, sub stream according to the network environment, the video delay less than 5 seconds, support auto fitting bandwidth function.

3) Supports front end snapshot button, capture high definition photos.

4) Support GPS positioning information transmission, showing the vehicle information of position, speed, track, direction.

5) Support 3 alarm functions and display the alarm information on the platform. Manual button alarm: support alarm button alarm. Over speed alarm: Identifying the speed level of the vehicle via GPS information. Device error alarm: Support device auto checking alarm uploading, such as video loss.

6) User makes management through the information of related vehicle type, vehicle license plate, contact person etc.

7) Record the operation log, check via time section.

8) Local plays back the video transferred remotely by front end. Support multi channel playback function.

Technical Support

Knowledge about Network

LAN (intranet): A computer network to cover one or several buildings, a small geographical area of the campus or a factory. Such as: families, companies, factories. (Generally speaking, one LAN only with one external network IP address, but some special LAN has two or more external network IP address).

WAN (external network): A computer network used to connect the lot of LAN or MAN in different regions, cities and countries.

The difference between LAN and WAN: LAN only cover a certain area, WAN is a large geographical, and how to define the area of WAN? For example, the headquarter of a large company is in Beijing, however, its branch offices throughout the country. If the branch linked together by the network, then the network of a branch office is a local area network, the network of whole office is a WAN.

"You can access the DVR external network by two types:

a. Access by the IP address of external network directly, it will be useful to network with fixed external network IP address .
b. Access by the domain name and it is focus on the ADSL user’s whose external IP address is not fixed. The domain name server will update the external network IP address automatically when access by domain and its access result will be the same as accessed by fixed IP address."

Remote Access settings steps:

First, set IP address, HTTP port, server port of DVR
1. According local network structure to set the network configuration parameters of DVR, reasonable to allocate IP address 、Gateway, subnet. Customers who accessed by router can view their subnet mask and gateway by local link.. (Right click local link - Status - Support)"

You will see the IP address, gateway, subnet mask of your own network, the IP address of DVR should be in the same network segment with your computer (and the IP address should not be occupied by other computer) ,gateway and subnet mask should be the same as your computers (you should consult with network manager to allocate IP address in special network structure)


(1) Default HTTP port is: "80”, however, we do not recommend customers to use port 80 due to the reason of telecom operators;
(2) Server port is default as: "6036", customers can change freely.
(3) The default network address is, customer can adjust freely.
(4) The gateway and subnet mask of DVR should be the same as the gateway and subnet mask of their own router;
(5) DNS (Domain Name Server) should filled according to the local network,(The parameters of DNS1, DNS2 will be filled when use the domain name resolution , when set the DNS ,please fill the parameters of DNS1 and DNS2 which get from router ,different regions with different DNS )

"After fill out above information, User could input the IP address in IE browser to check whether we can connect to DVR by internal network IP address.

Input the IP address in IE browser, such as: ( is the internal network IP address of DVR, 81 is the DVR’s http port)" Second, configure the port mapping of the router

When users confirm the internal network can be connected, the next step is access the router to make port mapping, and log on the router’s management interface by browser. Take TP-LINK router for example, To map corresponding IP address and port of DVR by "virtual server" (you can add the internal network IP address of DVR to the DMZ host, different router with different configuration , please contact the manufacturer of your router). After port mapping completed, the external network IP address will be shown in the "operating status" of router, and you can visit DVR by use the way of "the external network IP address with the http port number.

For example http:// HTTP port number.

Open IE browser, Input the external network IP address with port number or the domain name with port number, the user can remote visit DVR! The first time visitor will be prompted to download a control file, when the file is download ,a login window will pop up as below, enter the DVR users name and password to log in (the default user name: admin, password: 123456)

Third, apply free dynamic domain account in free domain name website

Domain names for free: The built-in free domain name service website of TVT DVR are:, and

Domain name application: user can apply for a dynamic domain name on,

Take for example

Input in IE browser

Click "submit" after you complete registration

Take for example.

Input in IE browser.

Click on "Register"

Click "I Agree"

Click "submit" after you complete the registration, A tips will be pop up after register successes.

Click “OK ", Then domain name registration is completed.

Forth, set DDNS of DVR, add the dynamic domain name, user name, password and host domain name After complete the application of domain name, please enter the DVR network configuration interface, select the "Dynamic Domain Name Service" to choose the corresponding domain name server, for example, the domain name of the user is to be applied as "", the dynamic domain name server should choose "" .and following please enter the user name and password that you have registered.

Note: The user name format of euromaxme is the full domain name address when the user applies for, such as:, the user do not need to fill the host domain name; however, when use dvrdydns domain name, the user need to fill host domain name, such as:

After pass the test, you can visit by domain name!

Fifth, Remote visit DVR by IE Open IE browser on PC, if only visit by internal network, user can directly input IP address with port number in IE browser. "Such as, the browser will automatically download the controls file after confirmation.

When visit by internet, the user should input the external network address plus with http port number or free domain name address plus with http port number in browser." "Such as http:// or The browser will automatically download the control file after confirmation,"

About download the control file, the user should make configuration in IE security settings: "Custom level"-Active-x space should be set as enable or prompt.

"Custom Level", click the "Enable”. Then refresh your browser, the control file will be download automatically.

Login window will pop-up after the download is completed

Enter user name and password, then user could remote visit DVR by IE browser

Common Issues:

1, Real-time image issue, such as: brightness distortion and color distortion seriously.
1.1 If the selection of N systematical and P systematical is incorrect, the image will be black and white.
1.2 Impedance mismatch, when connect to a monitor with high impedance, the image will be very bright , the characters will be jittered or appeared intermittently ,If so ,please adjust the swith of your monitor from high impedance to the low impedance.
1.3 Too far transmission distance or too much attenuation of the video transmission cable will caused the image fades or show as black and white, you should add video amplifier.
1.4 The colour distortion will be easily caused when transferred by long-distance video baseband .The main reason is the transmission cable caused the high-band phase shifted too much. If so, user should add the phase compensator.
1.5 The issues caused by the incorrect actions when install or adjust the camera. If the rear intercept of camera is in corrected to be adjusted, the focus will be not good or the defocusing will be occurred when do the operation of the three variable lens. When the brightness of camera is too low (please do not try to change the brightness of the DVR to make compensation), you should re-adjust the brightness of the camera to make compensation. When the brightness of camera is too high, you could have a try to connect a 100 ohm resistor with video core cable or grounding 100K ohm resistor .Do not backlit when installing.
1.6 Incorrect to set the color and brightness of DVR. Reset after read the default value

2. Rebooted or crashed refrequently after DVR run.
2.1 The input voltage is instable or too low. Recommended to install the power regulator or UPS.
2.2 The hard disk jumpers is incorrect.
2.3 Hard disk with bad track or the cable issue of hard disk, you can check the log appendix to view the hard disk time out or damage
2.4 Power is not enough or reboot frequently when too many hard disks hang, you should remove some hard disk. Power under critical value might cause reboot when you backup.
2.5 Poor heat dissipation, it caused by too much dust in case.
2.6 Electromagnetic interference. Many crash and reboot are caused by the interference. The outside power cables, inverter air conditioner, the cars or other large equipments will cause the host unexpectedly reboot or crash frequently.
2.7 hardware failure, send the failure machine back to the company for maintenance.

3, PTZ out of control
You should check as below:
3.1 Check whether the connection of PTZ 485 (control lines A, B) is correct?
3.2 Check whether the protocol, baud rate, address, etc. is correct? These should be match with control port;
3.3 Check if there is any control signal output;
3.4 Check whether RS485 port is out of work (usually voltage2-5V);
3.5 Check whether PTZ can be rebooting when power off? If not. It maybe the problem of camera.

4. Speed dome can’t be controlled smoothly
4.1 RS485 cable is not connected well, re-connect the cable;
4.2 a RS485 cable is broken, should replace that cable;
4.3 The distance between the host and the speed dome is too far, you should add the terminal-matching resistors;
4.4 Too many of speed dome are to be connected, should add the RS485 distributor;

5. How to connect more than one front equipment (decoder, dome, etc.) Suggest to use the bus-connection way: match the 485 +\ 485 - of decoder with the 485 + / 485 - of DVR, the next one is connected to 485 + /485 - of last decoder. Sometimes it may not under control, please review the manual of PTZ, and add 120-ohm termination resistors.

6. Unable to find or format the hard disk There are several possibilities:
6.1 hard disk ports is out of work;
6.2 power is not enough, suggest connect to external power supply; 
6.3 hard disk is broken;
6.4 DVR is not compatible with hard disk of this brand;

7. There is no sound when remote CMS or IE playback For the DVR of EUROMAX, You should right-click the icon of "Audio" when remote playback

8. Unable to remote view the video of DVR
8.1 Please check the settings of IP address, such as: IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, etc
8.2 Please check the settings of DNS, The parameters of DNS1; DNS2 should be set the same as DNS of router
8.3 Please check whether the port mapping of the router is set up correctly (Please try not set the http port as 80 which will be conflicted with telecommunications operators)
8.4 Please check whether the settings of DDNS are correct.

9. How to use one remote controller to manage more than one DVR? Please set the ID number of DVR, the remote controller should aim to the infrared receiver of the DVR, then click the number button "8" by twice and press the corresponding ID number of DVR, Finally, press the button "OK" ( Only the DVR of software version 2.7.1 or above has the function that one remote controller to manage more than one DVR, the software version of DVR which is lower than 2.7.1 should be upgraded firstly).